Money Back Guarantee

Without a doubt, finding good, much less exceptional, training is very hard. More likely than not, you are “kicking the tires” - looking at course outlines, maybe speaking with the instructor and asking standard questions to gage their knowledge, etc. You might additionally have checked what sort of warranties they offer that might put your mind at rest and then take the plunge.

While the above steps are necessary, the bottom line is that you won’t know how good or bad the offering is until after the course, when you start trying to use what you have learnt. Despite several days of training, come project time, you are probably left to relearn things that should have been etched in your minds after several days of training. It is hard to gage the actual value provided by a course.

So what do we, at Trans-World Resources do to make your selection process any less risky?

Here’s our suggestion: Do the standard “kicking the tires”!

1.      Take a look at our course outline

2.      Ask for our instructor profiles

3.      Talk to our instructors

But do more than just kicking the tires  - TAKE THE COURSE BEFORE TAKING THE COURSE!

4.      Most important of all, view our C/WBT demos, available on the web site.

a.       The clarity and detail with which we illustrate concepts in the animations and coding sections is illustrative of the clarity and detail you will encounter in our ILTs. 

b.      Every attendee will get a CBT (with a read-along book, lab exercises and deploy instructions for deploying on several leading application servers, in addition to the standard course slides and course labs)

5.      Book the course and ask for the Conquer-IT! CBTs to be mailed ahead of the course. Review the full-length CBTs in preparation for the class OR use the CBT as review material after the class, OR both! If for some reason you cancel a class (say the CBT covered all information you wanted to the depth you wanted), you just pay for the CBTs. If you attend the classes the CBT are yours free, complements of Trans-World Resources

6.      Compare prices – paying a fortune for training does not guarantee good training. Our courses are priced very competitively, since we strongly believe that obtaining enterprise technology knowledge should not cost you a fortune.

Best of all, if after this process and the course you feel that you didn’t get your monies worth, then we will be glad to reimburse the training cost (nominal travel cost for the instructor, not to exceed $3000 is non-reimbursable). You get to keep the popular Conquer-IT! CBT (retail value of $349.99) and the courseware. We are able to provide such a strong guarantee because we are extremely confident of our training, which has always been well received.

To help gage the level of satisfaction, all Conquer-IT! ILT course require daily evaluation forms to be filled to ensure that attendees are getting value on a daily basis. If at the end of the week, the average rating of the daily feedback forms for the course is less than 3 on a scale of 1 to 5  (5 being excellent) AND the overall end-of-course evaluation average is less than 3 in a scale of (1 to 5), you will automatically get your money back.


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