Core Spring™

JSF in the Enterprise



Course Description


This course is targeted at UI developers, Java developers and Architects who need to understand how to leverage JSF for enterprise solutions. This course aims to explain what JSF is, what is offers, the inner workings and its association/relationship to Struts, JSP, Servlets, etc.


This course focuses on renderers, converters, validators and other standard components and best practices for leveraging them in enterprise solutions. Integration of UI components, layouts and templates with Model components will be discussed in detail. JSF’s support for internationalization will also be covered. Attendees will also learn how to extend JSF with custom components.

This course will primarily be a knowledge transfer course (70% knowledge transfer, 30% skills building).


Target Audience


UI developers, Java Programmers and Architects who will be leveraging JSF for enterprise solutions.

Course Prerequisites



* Java 2 Power Programming (EWDC19JPPvB) or equivalent knowledge.

* Knowledge of XML

* JavaScript, HTML, CSS


Course Duration


5 days


Course Objectives


At the end of this class, you will have accomplished the following:


  • Have a strong understanding of the basics of JSF
  • Understand JSF Architecture
  • Understand JSF Request Processing
  • Competent in building JSF UI components
  • Understand the JSF Event Handling model
  • Understand JSF Data Validation, Rendering, etc.


Course Outline


  • JSF Basics
    • JSF and its benefits
    • JSF’s shortcomings
    • JSF and how it relates to Struts
    • JSF developmental strategies and roles


  • JSF Architecture
    • JSF Architectural basics
    • JSF Physical components
    • Inner workings of JSF
    • Writing a JSF Application
    • JSF Lifecycle Phases

  • JSF Request Processing
    • Request Processing in JSF
    • JSF implicit objects
    • Page Navigations in JSF
    • JSF Context objects (FacesContext, ExternalContext, etc.)


  • JSF, JSP and JSTL tag libraries and JSP EL
    • JSF Tag Libraries
    • JSP and JSTL tag libraries
    • JSP 2.0 Expression Language


  • Event Handling in JSF
    • JSF and Events
      • ActionEvent
      • ValueChangeEvent
    • Event Listener in JSF
      • ActionListener
      • ValueChangeListener

  • Data Validation in JSF
    • JSF Standard Validators
    • Custom Validators
    • Writing Validators and Tag Handlers
    • Advanced Data Validation
    • MultiField and DependentFieldValidator

  • Rendering of Data
    • JSF Converters and Custom Converters
    • Writing Converters and Renderers

  • JSF Graphic Components

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