Java Web Services   J2440  (3 day course)


With the maturing of Web Services and associated technologies, such as SOAP, WSDL, XML-RCP and XML-M, significant value is apparent for the use of Web Services for non-API based application integration. As standards evolve and a more uniform definition of Web Services appears across the board, better guidelines for when to enable an application as Web Service and when not to are becoming clearer.


In this course, we discuss the evolution of Web Services and checkpoint its current status. We will learn about SOAP and WSDL and understand their relevance and significance. We will then consider the XML-M and XML-RPC and how to use them for creating Web Services. We will also discuss emerging trends in Web Services and see where they are currently headed.


The course is lab intensive with attendees implementing several web services using the various technologies discussed

Who Can Benefit

         Java developers who are/might be involved in Web Service related projects

         Architects who are considering using Web Services

         Technical Project Managers and Technical Sales Consultants who have hands on Java experience


         Experienced programmers with strong Java background

         Six months of J2EE programming experience

         Basic knowledge of Web Application development

         Multi-tier application development experience

Topics Covered/Skills Gained





Course Content


Module 1: Introduction to Web Services

         What are web services

         Why Web Services

         Web Services hype and UDDI

         Web Services reality

         Brief introduction to XML

         J2EE and Web Services


Module 2: SOAP and Web Services

         Introduction to SOAP

         Structure of SOAP

         SOAP requests

         SOAP responses

         SOAP envelopes


Module 3:  WSDL

        The Web Services Definition Language

         Introduction to WSDL

         Structure of WSDL

         Generating WSDL using various tools

        Using Web Services dynamically


Module 4: JAX-RPC

        The JAX-RPC API

        JAX-RPC and Web Services

        Converting EJBs into Web Services


Module 5: JAX-M

        Asynchronous Web Services

        The JAX-M API




J2EE Part 1

J2EE Part 2