Java For J2EE   J1110  (Duration: 5 days)


If you are new to Java and J2EE, this is an ideal course that will get you up to speed very quickly. This course is specifically geared for new comers to Java who are transitioning to J2EE. While we focus heavily on the concepts of OO programming and Java fundamentals, we ensure that before the end of the week you will have created your first Java Web Application using JSPs and Servlets!


Since application servers abstract a lot of the programming model complexity associated with distributed Java applications, this course concentrates on fundamentals of Java necessary for server-side programming.


The course is lab intensive with attendees learning the concepts and using them in associated lab exercises

Who Can Benefit

         Programmers who are new to Java and J2EE

         Technical Managers wanting to understand Java and J2EE


         Programming experience in OO languages (preferred) or procedural languages

         Some understanding of OO concept is preferred but not required

Topics Covered/Skills Gained

         Introduction to OO

         Introduction to Java

         Programming in Java including

         Debugging Java applications

         Creating Basic Java Web Applications

Course Content


Module 1: Introduction to OO

         What is OO programming

         Key OO Concepts




Module 2: Java Basics

         Introduction to Java


         Language Construct

         Writing the HelloWorld program

         The Javac compiler

         The Java interpreter

         Classpath and packages


Module 3:  More Java

        Interfaces vs Classes

        Abstract classes

        JAR files


Module 4: Advanced Java

        Built in Types

        Collection classes

        Serializable Classes and Java Serialization

        Exceptions and exception handling

        Environment variables and properties



Module 5: Java IO and threading

        Performing File IO from Java

        Java and JDBC introduced

        Threads and Java

         Synchronization issues


Module 6: Java RMI

        Remote Method Invocation overview

        Concept of Stubs and Skeletons


Module 7: Java Web Applications

       Introduction to Web Applications

       JSPs Introduced

       Writing a simple Servlet

       Installing Application Servers

       Deploying application to application servers




J2EE Part 1

J2EE Part 2