Enterprise Java for Managers   J1010  (Duration: 3 days)

 This course aims to provide a broad overview of Java and J2EE for Technical managers and Technical sales consultants. At the end of this course the attendee will have a solid understanding of Java and distributed computing using Java. The initial part of the course will focus on the language itself, while the later part of the course will focus on J2EE concepts


This course is more conceptual and less coding, although attendees will be deploying and running solutions provided to them.

Who Can Benefit

         Technical Managers who are new to Java and J2EE

         Technical Sales Consultants wanting to understand Java and J2EE


         Knowledge of OO

         Awareness of distributed computing trends

Topics Covered/Skills Gained

         Introduction to Java

         Introduction to Distributed Computing

         Technical Overview of J2EE

Course Content


Module 1: Introduction to Java

         High level concepts

         Basic Language Constructs

         Java Application Development

         Project management issues

         Tools Considerations

         Understanding the Infrastructure


Module 2: Distributed computing Concepts

         Introduction to two tier and multi tier computing

         Challenges of distributed computing


         Performance and scalability

         Integration issues

         Development of distributed computing

         Project management issues

         Tools considerations


Module 3:  J2EE

        Overview of J2EE Architecture

        Understanding Web Applications

        Understanding Enterprise Applications

        JMS, JTA and advanced J2EE Concept overview

        The J2EE security model

        Legacy system integration

Module 4:  J2EE project management

        Project Development issues


         Choosing Application Servers and IDEs

         Managing multi-tier application development

        How to succeed in J2EE Projects

        Development methodologies

        Case studies


J2EE Part 1

J2EE Part 2