Introduction to Struts   J2415  (Duration: 3 days)


J2EE based Web Application development times may be significantly reduced by using standardized frameworks, such as Struts.


 Struts allows for rapid application development while ensuring that the application adheres closely to the MVC architectural pattern.


In this course, we discuss Web Applications development using the Struts framework and demonstrate its benefits.


The course is heavily hands on and provides attendees the opportunity to reinforce knowledge gained in lectures by coding appropriate exercises. The labs focus on end-to-end application development to ensure that the attendees understand all aspects of the Struts framework.

Who Can Benefit

         Java developers who want to build Struts framework based J2EE systems

         Architects who are considering using Struts framework

         Technical Project Managers and Technical Sales Consultants who have hands on Java experience


         Experienced programmers with strong Java background

         One year of J2EE(JSP and Servlets) programming experience

         Basic knowledge of Web Application development

         Multi-tier application and database experience helpful

Topics Covered/Skills Gained

         Struts framework

         Struts Framework based Web Application development

Course Content

Module 1: Getting Started

         Model-View-Controller Architectural pattern

         Introduction to JSPs

         Introduction to Tag libraries


Module 2: Struts Framework

         Introduction to Struts

         Struts Components: View

         Struts Components: Controller

         Struts Components: ActionMappings

         Struts Components: Model

         Struts Configuration



Module 3:  Application development using Struts framework

        Developing simple web applications using MVC and Struts framework

        Developing advanced web applications using MVC and Struts framework



Module 4: Miscellaneous Struts framework guidelines

        Error handling and validations

        Tips for effective Struts framework usage


J2EE Part 1

J2EE Part 2