Conquer-IT! Consulting Services 

Trans-World Resources, believes that no consulting engagement is complete without a proper transfer of knowledge: both project related knowledge and infrastructure knowledge.

Conquer-IT! Consulting is an approach where our consultants facilitate rapid knowledge transfer to clients, while implementing robust solutions for the clients. The difference in our offerings is that the transfer of knowledge is not limited to application knowledge, but infrastructure knowledge as well.  

We specialize in Enterprise application Architecture, design and development using J2EE and .NET technologies.

"Our consultants are trained to hold periodic knowledge transfer sessions where they leverage Conquer-IT! C/WBTs and Conquer-IT! ILT to achieve effective knowledge transfer to clients"

 We provide strategic technical consulting for several product development companies, including Bowstreet and NCStudio.


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J2EE Part 1

J2EE Part 2