"Helping Conquer Enterprise Technologies"

Conquer-IT! C/WBT is a family of innovative, Computer and Web Based training tools. It is a set of animation intensive visualization tools that illustrate what happens inside an application server when an application is deployed. These animations allow users to clearly visualize complex concepts and hence to better understand Enterprise technologies, such as J2EE.

Conquer-IT! C/WBT helps user learn how to code Enterprise application via interactive code analysis sections. These sections illustrate how to write end-to-end Enterprise applications and illustrate the various programming models associated with creating such application.

Every Conquer-IT! C/WBT comes along with a read-along book to follow with the narrations. Lab Exercises and deployment instructions for running the labs on WebSphere v4.x/5.x, WebLogic 6.x/7.x and Oracle 9iAS release 2.

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The following Conquer-IT! C/WBTs are currently available:

Conquer-IT! - J2EE Part1: JSPs and Servlets

Conquer-IT! - J2EE Part2: EJBs, JNDI and JDBC