Core Spring™

AJAX in the Enterprise



Course Description


This course is targeted at UI and Java developers who need to understand how to leverage JSF and Ajax for designing and implementing powerful UI components and solutions. This course aims to allow developers who have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScripting, etc. to build entire applications using just Ajax!

This course focuses on advanced toolkits and APIs that enable Java code to be leveraged in Ajax. It will introduce toolkits such as GWT. In addition, DOJO, JSON and other concepts that enable powerful Rich Client applications will be discussed. Besides Ajax, attendees will gain significant exposure to JSF and how to leverage this in the Enterprise. In this context, attendees will learn about JSF and MVC, Event Handling, Tiles and optionally, Facelets, Templating, Composition Components, etc.

This course will primarily be a knowledge transfer course (70% knowledge transfer, 30% skills building)


Target Audience


UI and Java Programmers who will be developing Rich Client Applications.

Course Prerequisites



* Java 2 Power Programming (EWDC19JPPvB) or equivalent knowledge.

* Knowledge of XML

* JavaScript, HTML, CSS


Course Duration


4-5 days


Course Objectives


At the end of this class, you will have accomplished the following:


  • Have a strong understanding of Ajax for Rich Client applications
  • Proficient with GWT, JSON, Client Server RPC mechanisms, Web Services, etc.
  • Proficient in JSF, MVC, Spring and JSF, Client Event Handling, Validation, Rendering models, etc.


Course Outline


  • Review of AJAX fundamentals and prerequisites
    • CSS
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • Etc.
  • Advanced Ajax APIs
  • GWT, Java and Ajax
    • GWT basics and advanced features
    • Leveraging GWT for Enterprise Applications
  • Client Server RPC and JSON
    • Optimizing server side calls while building Rich Client Applications
    • JSON and
  • DOJO and Prototype libraries for Java
  • Ajax and JSF
  • The DWR Open source library for writing Ajax web applications
  • Leveraging OO concepts for building Ajax frameworks
  • UI and Ajax best practices and Anti-patterns
  • Introduction to JSF - JSF Technology, Benefits & Architecture
    • Building your first JSF application - Configuring and installing the JSF Servlet
    • Creating simple applications, backing bean, page flow navigation
    • Custom tags, and views
    • JSF lifecycle, stop rendering, skip to render response phase
    • UI Components – architecture, Renderkit, Event Model, Interface Component Model, event handlers, navigation flow and the default event handler, Custom Tags and input tags
  • MVC and JSF – Model, View & Controller components
    • Validation and Data Conversion
    • Regular expression review
    • Custom components and understanding the rendering model
  • Advanced Component Concepts, External renderers
    • Value binding, method binding, component context, working with Events and Architecture review
    • Working with Table Models and Immediate event handling, working with Tiles
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