Our Mission:

"Helping Conquer Enterprise Technologies"

Trans-World Resources' mission is to provide powerful ways of leveraging learning initiatives to support any organization's Enterprise scale applications and technologies. We help companies and individuals meet their real world business objectives by bridging knowledge and skills gaps with expert consulting and innovative training.

Trans-World Resources provides Blended Solutions that combine dependable Instructor Led Training with powerful and animation intensive Computer/Web Based training, thus creating a highly time and cost efficient learning process.

Our Training and Consulting services are based on our philosophy that:

  • Enterprise technology knowledge needs to be packaged into usable and understandable components so Corporations and Individuals can truly harvest its benefits.
  • Real world experience combined with thorough understanding of trends and evolution of Enterprise technology are critical for the success of any Training and Consulting practice.




Business Practice:

  • Quality Architectural and Implementation consulting in the areas of J2EE and Web Services.
  • Quality education curriculum and Instructor Led training for advanced technologies such as J2EE and Web Services.
  • Innovative, powerful and cost effective self-paced training for users of Advanced Technologies including J2EE and Web Service.

Company Info:

Trans-World Resources, is a New Jersey Corporation with its principal place of business in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. Trans-World Resources, was founded in May, 2000 to provide quality training and consulting services in the Java and J2EE arena.


Some of our prominent clients include:

Trained IBM Architects and internal Consultants on WebSphere.

Helped train BEA's corporate clients on WebLogic.

Strategic consulting and Architectural review for The Bowstreet Portal Factory.

Helped train several of their corporate cients on architecting J2EE solutions.

NCStudio - Provide strategic enterprise technology and consulting for this powerful new generation IDE



J2EE Part 1

J2EE Part 2