WebSphere Administration and J2EE -J2A15 (Duration 3 days)

IBM's WebSphere (WAS) continues to be one of the two application servers that dominate the J2EE application server domain. WAS 5.0 is a J2EE 1.3 compliant application server that offers robust support for all J2EE 1.3 features. In addition, it supports a scalable clustering solution combined with a rich command line and UI based administration tool.

In this course, we introduce J2EE Application Server administrators and developers to the powers and capabilities of WAS 5.0 system administration. Starting with the concept of a J2EE application (Web, EJB and Enterprise applications), we cover WAS 5.0 administration including clustering for load balancing and failover support.

The course is heavily hands on with lab exercises that illustrate how to administer stand-alone and clustered instances of WAS, performance tuning of WAS 5.0 and securing Enterprise applications deployed in WAS.

Who Can Benefit
  • System Administrators of J2EE application servers
  • J2EE developers who want to understand how to configure application servers for load balancing, failover and performance
  • Architects of J2EE applications who need to understand deployment and configuration issues to deliver a robust and scalable application
Skills Gained
  • WAS 5.0 System Administration
  • Clustering WAS for load balancing and failover
  • Tuning WAS 5.0 for optimal performance
Course Content
Module 1: Introduction to J2EE Web Applications
  • Overview of J2EE, Web and EJB Applications
  • Building and deploying web and EJB applications into WAS
Module 2: Introduction to WAS Admin console
  • Configuring JDBC, JMS and Applications in WAS
  • Introduction to performance tuning
Module 3: Introduction to WSADMIN command line administration
  • The WASDMIN command line interface and administering WAS using WASDMIN
Module 4: WAS Advanced System Administration
  • Setting up WAS Server Groups and Clones
  • Clustering in WAS for load balancing and failoverability
Module 5: WAS Advanced performance tuning concepts
  • J2EE Application performance and WAS Tuning
  • Clustering in WAS for load balancing and failoverability
Module 6: WAS Security Administration
  • Enabling and configuring enterprise application security in WAS




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